Amazon Prime video

One of our case studies is our partnership with Amazon Prime Video.


We were tasked with helping to rapidly acquire new users for Amazon Prime Video. Amazon may be a widely-recognized name, but when we partnered with them, they were merely another video subscription platform in a sea of heavy-hitting competitors.


We knew we had to go after in-demand markets in both North America and Europe. The most logical way to target new users was to first focus on the conversion of existing Amazon Prime customers.

Once we identified these consumers, our mission was to take them from being partially acquired customers to fully subscribed members of Amazon Prime Video. We went after potential subscribers in the highly competitive US market, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Denmark and Spain.


Our result? The campaigns we engineered ended up achieving an average daily campaign revenue of over $5500 USD during Q4 of 2019.

At Mobinner, we always pride ourselves on our superior ad technology, but as a demand side platform, strategy is also paramount. By targeting the right audience, we were able to create a campaign that dominated and resulted in a maximum ROI.

And we're ready to do the same for you.